Senior Capstone Projects

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Capstone Overview

During the senior year, all computer engineering students are required to take the two quarter Senior Computer Systems Project course also known as the Senior "Capstone" Project. This course helps satisfy CE Major Degree Requirements in the Senior Elective Study Plan.

The Capstone Project gives Computer Engineering students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design and engineer innovative hardware and software systems using techniques from robotics, distributed systems, circuit design, networking, and real-time systems to tackle problems and create a final "tangible" project.

Every year at the end of the Spring quarter the final projects are presented at a full-day, industry-supported event where student groups publicly present their projects and participate in an outdoor lunchtime project demonstration and poster event.

Senior Capstone Project Courses

Student groups design a significant computer-based project. Groups work independently with interaction among groups via interface specifications and informal meetings.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B - Course Website

Instructor (2015-16): John Johnson (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: William Miller

During the first half (Fall) of this course sequence, student groups choose a project, define and refine a description of its external behavior, then launch into the hardware design phase. By the end of fall quarter, using industry standard Computer Aided Design tools, they have produced detailed hardware schematics, fabrication-ready printed circuit board artwork, and complete component kits and associated documentation necessary for prototype assembly. An organized project notebook describing all aspects of the project as well as formal design reviews/presentations and the use of professional project management software complete the initial portion of the capstone design experience.

During winter quarter, the ECE department has the printed circuit boards fabricated and assembled and, when students return for the second half of the capstone project course, the focus turns toward overall project integration. On the first day of spring quarter, circuit boards are ready for initial power up, design debug and verification. In parallel, creation of the project software begins and any mechanical components are acquired and/or manufactured and assembled. Once the hardware design is validated and the software and mechanical development efforts are completed, the final project prototype is integrated, tested and verified. A succession of milestones, reviews and presentations ensures that project completion and introduction occur in a timely and successful manner.

At the end of spring quarter, each project team participates in the Computer Engineering portion of the Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day. During the day long event, the groups display posters highlighting their projects’ features and operation in the department’s courtyard and conduct a public presentation and demonstration of the completed projects.

ECE 189A/B Senior Projects will be presented on the first Thursday in June.

Computer Science 189A/B - Course Website

Instructor (2015-16) Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Daniel Imberman (A) & Jordan Hughes (B)

The outcome of the first course (189A — Fall) is a prototype for the project, and the second course (189B — Winter) ends with a presentation day in which the completed projects are demonstrated publicly. The courses will establish partnerships between student project teams and companies who will provide challenging problems to the students based on what they will face in industry.

The Capstone course is an excellent opportunity to do something interesting and "real" that showcase students' abilities. Prospective employers value the ability to understand, explore, and present innovative solutions to real-world problems that are provided in this course.

Beginning in 2016, the CS 189A/B Senior Projects will be presented at the Computer Science event summit.cs.

ECE 189 Capstone 2016 Project Presentation Day

Capstone was held on June 2, 2016

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CS 189 Capstone 2016 presentations @ summit.cs

summit.cs was held on March 4, 2016

citrixnchill poster
  • Best Project: CitrixNChill
  • 2nd: Under Construction
  • 3rd: Euphoria

summit.cs Event Album

2016 summit.cs Event >>>

ECE 189 - Capstone Projects (2015-16)

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  • * BULB by Sonos: a light bulb speaker that is connected to WiFi for audio control and Bluetooth for lighting control
  • OstraCam: a mobile underwater monitoring system to facilitate the study of bioluminescent plankton
  • ChessMate: an interactive, LED illuminated chess board that enhances player experience with various digital board augmentations
  • D.A.T.A. (Dynamic Automated Tuning Air Suspension System: designed to automatically facilitate smooth riding and prevent damage to the vehicle body
  • dVA: a software tool for analyzing and visualizing test data taken from semiconductor processes
  • Heart Buddy: a portable armband that provides help before or as soon as an accident occurs via sensors such as heart beat, body orientation, and acceleration
  • * UCSB Hyperloop Drive: a communications, telemetry, and control unit for UCSB’s entry into SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition
  • Soil Smart: a wireless sensor network that monitors and records soil conditions

* Team includes Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering students

CMPSC 189 - Capstone Project Teams (2015-16)

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  • GIGS: Mezzo is a social hub for local musicians to meet and collaborate
  • CITRIXNCHILL: WeCode is designed to connect nontraditional with traditional students for studying
  • GRAPHIQ CONTENT : a web-app that integrates with Virtual Technology to allow easy interactive visualization of data sets and relations
  • MACROHARD: The Perfect Selfie is an integration of a drone, a video recording device and a smartphone app that is capable of recognizing voice commands instructing a drone to orient a video recording device with respect to a subject
  • HOPEFULLY UNHACKABLE: a media sharing web application that will hopefully be unhackable
  • J VANT: ResQ Sensor is a motion / heat detection sensor system that detects heat, follows it and when it becomes an undesirable temperature, turns on a sprinkler that sprays water directly to the specfied heat source
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION: vMemo is an Android app deployed on the Google Project Tango tablet that manages construction site supervision - providing location tracking and graphical augmentation over on-site structures
  •  SNIFFIT: an RFID positioning system to detect (passive) RFID stickers to ensure location of items w/ a sticker
  • TEAM EUPHORIA: an app that allows people in group environments to share music from different music streaming services and cooperatively build playlists