Friday, June 7th, 2019

Electrical & Computer Engineering 189 Projects


Morning (ECE 189 Capstone Event)

Afternoon (COE Engineering Design Expo – EDx)

MORNING SESSION — 9:00am-12:00pm


9:00 – Opening Remarks: Dr. Yoga Isukapalli

hands-on flight logo9:05 – Hands-On Flight  (Arveng Technologies): a glove embedded with an array of sensors that provides intuitive real-time control over a drone. Team: Oscar Wang, Alex Berlanga, Eduardo Olmos, Juan Reyes, Miguel Berlanga

iea logo9:30 – IEA Linguistics (IEA Lab): an interactive voice assistant that incorporates natural language processing and automation to assist integrated circuit product engineers. Team: Ryan Kirkpatrick, Dali Xiao, Dang Nguyen, Min Yang

cloud control logo9:55 – Cloud Control (AeroVironment): a wireless communication system which remotely transmits voice data to a drone which then broadcasts it to any targets below. Team: Andrew Thompson, Anna Lee, Brent Morada, Reed Taylor

watchdog logo10:20 – Watchdog (NASA): aids astronauts in correctly adhering to mission procedures by utilizing computer vision and sensor embedded tools to provide guidance when necessary. Team: Ryan Lorica, Anzhe Ye, Jiacheng Liu, Jingzhe Chen, Liqiang Mei

drone scout logo10:45 – Drone Scout (LGS Innovations): a self-contained, FPGA accelerated millimeter wave radar system capable of collecting detailed information of drones, such as size and speed, in a targeted area. Team: Austin Hwang, Anthony Chen, Maga Kim, Sung In Kim

blips logo11:10 – BLiPS (Arthrex): a real time indoor positioning system that tracks the movement of doctors and nurses in an operating room environment. Team: Matt Speck, Ahmed Saied, Amber Du, Kevin La

eternal flight logo11:35 – Eternal Flight (Toyon Research Corp.): an in-flight battery exchange system that extends drones flight time by eliminating the need to land and recharge. Team: Aditya Wadaskar, Kyle Douglas, Richard Boone, Sang Min Oh, Sayali Kakade


edx logo


Poster Session in the Courtyard — 1:30-3:00pm

Student teams from Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering will be displaying posters and presenting final prototypes of their full year senior design projects. During this time, a panel of judges will be reviewing all the projects and selecting award winners. Attendees are all invited to explore the various projects, speak to the students, and enjoy some complementary refreshments.

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