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Graduate Research in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering research at UCSB is multi-disciplinary and involves faculty from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and other departments. Although students choose a home department from which to receive their degree, CE research often crosses departmental boundaries.

We are often asked about research that is being done in the field of computer engineering at UCSB. Areas of research include but are not limited to the following areas: bioinspired computing; circuit and system design; computer architecture; electronic design automation and testing; emerging technologies for computing; energy-efficient computing; nanotechnology; networking; operating systems and distributed systems; and software and languages.

Additionally, many faculty are also involved in research at many on and off-campus centers and institutions such as the on-campus California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) and the Institute of Energy Efficiency (IEE).

See Research Overview and Areas of Research for additional helpful information about our center, news, faculty spotlights, and faculty member's research interests and groups/labs.

Grad Profile: Tegan Brennan, Ph.D. in CS

photo of tegan brennan

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Graduate Study Area: Side-Channel Analysis
Research Interests: program analysis, computer security, verification, side-channel analysis
Advisor: Prof. Tevfik Bultan – Verification Lab

Tell us about your research: Broadly, I’m interested in program analysis for security. My current research is focused on side-channel analysis in software. Recently I’ve published an approach to statically detect side channels in programs based on the program’s control flow graph. I plan to extend this work with a technique for quantifying the amount of information leaked. I am also developing techniques that leverage just-in-time compilation to induce timing side channels.

Why did you select UCSB and the Computer Science Department in regards to your research? Ultimately, I chose to attend UCSB because when I spoke with professors during a pre-decision visit, I was inspired by their passion for their work and attracted by their research proposals. Of all the places I visited, I left the most excited about the potential research I could do at UCSB.

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