Student Advising

Three Tiers of Computer Engineering Advising

Student advising for the Computer Engineering Program is administered by the ECE Department. Advisors in the following areas are available to students:

College (CoE) Advisor

(CoE & University Level)
  • university policies and procedures
  • general education courses
  • progress and graduation checks
  • academic probation
  • academic petitions
  • changing majors
  • transferring credits from other institutions
  • education abroad, honors program, and other opportunities 

CE Undergraduate Advisor

(Major Level)
  • general "go to" advisor
  • major requirements
  • policies and procedures
  • yearly progress checks
  • course planning
  • scheduling
  • ECE course enrollment
  • prerequisite changes
  • selecting and approving senior electives

CE Faculty

(Content Level)
  • assigned freshman year
  • content level course materials
  • recommendations
  • academic and grad school planning
  • research opportunities and career planning

three photos of students with CoE, CE Undergrad, and faculty advisors

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Curriculum Questions?

  • MAJOR - degree requirements

Not sure? See Advisor Beth English

Undergraduate Advisors

College of Engineering

CoE Office of Undergraduate Studies
(805) 893-2809 | HFH, Rm 1006

CE Undergraduate

Beth English - ECE Student Affairs
(805) 893-8292 | Trailer 380, Rm 101

CE Program Faculty

List of faculty advisors is available in the ECE Student Affairs Office - Trailer 380, Room 101 or contact