Why CE / UCSB?

cover of why choose UC Santa Barbara CE brochure

Why Choose UC Santa Barbara Computer Engineering?

This helpful brochure from the UCSB College of Engineering has information sections that include:

Contact the CE Program about a copy of the "Why Choose UC Santa Barbara Computer Engineering" brochure - ugradinfo@ece.ucsb.edu

Why Computer Engineering?

We are often asked the question, why Computer Engineering compared to Computer Science or Electrical Engineering?

The CE Program has a focus on the design of computer systems. Students learn a mixture of hardware design and software concepts. They gain experience on both sides of the traditional hardware/software "fence" and have unique capabilities in the creation and interfacing of computer systems with the real-world.

By these comparisons one can see that the Computer Engineering student is a blend between a "pure EE" and a "pure CS" student.