2012 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Students participate in a poster session and conduct presentations of their final group projects from the CS 189A/B, ECE 189A/B, and ECE 188A/B courses.

2011-2012 Projects

Computer Science 189A/B - Course Website

Instructors: Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189A), Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Kyle Dewey

Team Project Overviews:

  • NOCK: Kinect Cameraman uses a Microsoft Kinect 3D imaging sensor, controlled by a servo, attached to a mobile robotics platform, to allow for more fluid interaction. The Kinect’s limited field of vision is a problem in all but the smallest rooms and the robot removes the small room restriction by unobtrusively following the user like a cameraman would follow an actor.
    Team: Kenneth Bedolla (lead), Andres Barajas, Roy Handelsman, Lane Meier
  • Team RDRE: investigate speeding up of image processing techniques, specifically image re-targeting by transferring the complex computation done on the CPU to the GPU. Since modern GPUs provide more cores and higher bandwidth than typical CPUs, it is ideal to transfer computation to the GPU. The team will program a tool that allows a user to perform image re-targeting by taking advantage of parallel processing through the GPU.
    Team: Roger Ngo (lead), Derek Ho, Robert Hsu, Evan Goad
  • Kinect2VR: combine the 3D capabilities of WorldViz's head mounted display (HMD) with the motion capture technology of the Kinect to create immersive virtual environments in which the user can move freely and in real time. Using a python-based IDE the team can create the ideal virtual environments in which to study human behavior, offering psychological researchers the state-of-the art in study design and experimental control.
    Team: Jon Chu (lead), Andre Abrahamian, Matthew Garcia, Alex Hsu
  • We'reTheBest: development of a large-scale data comparison widget for users to embed onto their websites. FindTheBest.com's extensive database contains data ranging from consumer electronics to government surveys. These widgets will offer visualizations of this data, providing an easy-to-read, at a glance snapshot.
    Team: Dillon Kearns (lead), Roger Chang, Joni Rae Lopez, Cindy Lu, Josh Van Blake
  • Team NULL: GoodApp is a web service that can help a community user identify safe apps and trusted developers in order to prevent malicious activity. GoodApp is a service that creates a web of trust binding an App to a developer using an authentication process based on signed certificates.
    Team: Yulia Dubinina (lead), Jasper Fredrickson, TJ Koblentz, Victor Moreira
  • AiR Games (Augmented Interactive Reality Games): design a suite of games using the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK. The team will start by exploring available graphics engines. From there they will design simple proof-of-concept prototypes using AR technology. Finally, they will progress into making 2D games, and eventually move on to 3D games.
    Team: Nataly Moreno (lead), Spencer Bolton, Sean Chen, Erik Villegas

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B - Course Website

Instructor: Steven Butner (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: Ryan Pakbaz

Project Names and Short Project Descriptions:

  • AERV - A Smart Telephone Interface: project implements an autodialer -- a programmable device that can originate a phone call, play a pre-recorded message, then hangup and go to the next requested call.
    Team: Chance Carpenter (leader), Ron Bendor, Joshua Chamberlain, Rotem Raviv
  • PIP - The Plug-in Player: an MP3 player that includes an internal SD card to hold music files, an LCD display and keyboard for the human interface, an audio decoder to expand compressed music or other audio files into sound, a power supply, and a speaker/headphone output.
    Team: Luis Rocha (leader), Mike Erez-Kdosa, Edward Gabriel, Kevin Malby
  • RoboLock — Remote Door Lock: a device mounted to a door that can be remotely unlocked from any internet-connected device, be it a cell phone or a desktop computer. When a visitor knocks on your door, the knock will trigger a camera to snap a picture of the visitor, and then notify you of the visitor with the photo. You can then choose to unlock the door, or deny access to the visitor.
    Team: Brian Dunlay (leader), Matt Brick, William Moy, Bryan Wang
  • UAC — Unmanned All-Terrain Camera: a camera implemented in a remote-controlled vehicle. The user can control the car and watch the video from a remote location via a wireless interface.
    Team: Perry Yang (leader), Changhao Huang, Baker Ngan, Danny Trinh
  • AURCA - Advanced Universal R/C Aircraft: a model airplane augmented with GPS, gyros, and a custom remote interface that allows a ground station computer and its user to fly the plane and see live video.
    Team: Alexander Adams (leader), Michael McKeown, Ethan Preble, Sebastian Siakowski

2012 Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Thu, June 7 - Engineering Science Bldg (ESB 1001 & 2001)

Congratulations! 2012 ECE & CS 189 Best Projects

  • CS 189: NOCK - camera on a mobile robotics platform
  • ECE 189: RoboLock - remote door lock

2011-12 Senior Capstone Event Album

2011-12 album
  • Morning Session: CS 189 A/B & ECE 188 A/B
  • Lunch Session: Project Posters and Pizza
  • Afternoon Session: ECE 189 A/B

Poster Session and Pizza Lunch (ESB Courtyard)

CE extends a special thanks for their generous support:

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2012 CS 189A/B Team Partners

cs 189 students at poster session
  • NOCK: Partner - Jet Propulsion Lab / Mentor - Victor Luo
  • Team RDRE: Partner - Aerospace Corporation / Mentors: Ron Scrofano and Mike AuYoung
  • Kinect2VR: Partner - UCSB Psychology Dept (ReCVEB) / Mentor - William Ryan
  • We'reTheBest: Partner - FindTheBest / Mentor - Ivan Bercovich
  • Team NULL: Partner - Microsoft / Mentors: Dave Probert and Greg Wroblewski
  • AiR Games (Augmented Interactive Reality Games): Partner - Qualcomm / Mentor - Chad Sweet

2012 ECE 189A/B Project Sponsors

ece 189 students discussing project with visitor
  • Mentor Graphics: toolsets donation and a small grant to support the creation and dissemination of a tutorial on the use of the toolset for academic prototyping
  • Rapid Prototypes: electronics assembling discounts
  • Sunstone Circuits: printed circuit board fabrication discounts