2013 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Students participate in a poster session and conduct presentations of their final group projects from the CS 189A/B, ECE 189A/B, and ECE 188A/B courses.

2012-2013 Projects

Computer Science 189A/B - Course Website

Instructors: Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Stratos Dimopoulos

Team Project Overviews:

  • Foo-Tang Clan (vision | poster | presentation | software specs): a tenant-facing mobile application that lets users pay their rent, report maintenance issues, communicate with neighbors. Built using cross-platorm HTML5, leveraging Appfolio backend.
    Team: A. Dela Cruz (lead), R. Luhar, C. Horuk, J. Phommasone, Z. Warburg
  • Hex Pistols: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) build an integrated system of multiple Kinects and Television screens to create a realistic three dimensional panoramic view of an chosen environment that will serve as a augmented reality workspace for the user.
    Team: J. Peng (lead), S. Pong, A. Scarlett, A. Narsi, K. Sheridan
  • NIBBLE: (vision | poster | software specs) a tool to explore and create documentation for web services and API's in order to display them in a deliverable format.
    Team: A. Duong (lead), T. Wu, M. Oparowski, J. Lee
  • Null Terminators: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) collection of performance stats from hosts, creating visualization of time-series, and automating decisions based on time-series analysis.
    Team: K. Toor (lead), V. Adam, R. McGinley, C. Polanco, N. Cross
  • Prograham Cracker: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) creating a tool to for monitoring power usage and allowing for efficient data analysis.
    Team: J. Mutarevic (lead), N. Krause, K. Morse, B. Horsley
  • Team BRX: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) a web-based system will transform data from real-time feeds, websites, and social networks into geospatial locations, places of interest, and other useful metadata. The system will organize the data over a large domain, in a scalable manner, into a logical and structured format updated in real time.
    Team: M. Greenfield (lead), A. Coccia, A. Dodson, P. Huang, K. Bier
  • Team Epsilon: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) explore applications for computer vision and augmented reality on Android-powered mobile devices with the goal to create an experience that combines augmented reality with social media.
    Team: M. Hinson (lead), J. Faghih-Nassiri, L. Buckland, A. Chou, JC Huang
  • The Constructors: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) an online ticket selling and purchasing system that will be easy and convenient to use by both sellers and purchasers.
    Team: Alex Hamstra (lead), J. Roesch, K. Jorgensen, B. McCurdy, B. Beri
  • Undefined_reference_to_teamName: (vision | poster | presentation | software specs) mobile application for consumption and generation of user made content. It is mainly focused around videos and is a knowledge base that is used within a company to aid employees with day to day tasks.
    Team: Z. Sperske (lead), L. Dreizler, A. Cooney, A. Thomas, S. Bishop

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B - Course Website

Instructor: John Johnson (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: Joseph Malcolm

ECE 189 Teams / Projects webpage: design reviews and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) developments

Project Overviews:

  • AFRObot: (presentation | poster) an autonomous robot that follows and traces existing lines w/ high precision. Its applications include repainting existing sports fields and fading street lines.
    Team: James Tse (leader), Wei Dai, Travis Frecker, Peter Verlangieri
  • M.A.D.Dog: (presentation | poster) an autonomous security robot that maps an office environment before beginning a patrol. Upon detecting an intruder, it sends a notification to the security desk via WiFi.
    Team: Nicholas Maddy (leader), Timothy Dayley, Kevin Liou
  • Mu.S.E.: (presentation | poster) an all in one automatic music player that plays tracks based on the surrounding environment including factors such as ambient light, weather, time of day
    Team: Tim Chin (leader), Omar Gonzalez, Ward Huang
  • Smart Cart: (presentation | poster) an interactive display attached to shopping carts. This display will let you find items, find and apply coupons, and log a checkout list to decrease the hassles and inconveniences of shopping.
    Team: Pallavi Jain (leader), Vivian Vasquez, Peter Nguyen, Deniz Kaplan
  • Smart Guitar: (presentation | poster) a device that picks up analog signals from a guitar and displays the converted data as music notes. It is designed to allow all levels of musicians to read and write music more efficiently.
    Team: Alex Paige (leader), Zhiyuan Tang, Jeff Hanna, Larry Zhao
  • Swell Alert: (presentation | poster) a WiFi-connected alarm clock that uses data from publicly available sources to monitor surf and meteorological current events
    Team: Eric Goodman (leader), Ryan Summers, Adam Sundberg, Outhone Bounkhoun
  • Track Mate: (presentation | poster) a GPS/MP3 player intended for the athlete on the go. Track Mate will stream music and display the distance traveled and average speed, as well as other useful information to assist an athlete in training.
    Team: Nathan Beste (leader), Arzhang Badiozamani, Justin Flair, Evan Graves
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Congratulations to 189 Best Projects at Capstone!

- Swell Alert (ECE): a WiFi surf & meterological clock

- Hex Pistols (CS): Kinects & TVs with 3D views

2013 Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Thu, June 6 - Engineering Science Bldg (ESB 1001 & 2001)

2012-2013 Senior Class Photograph

2012-13 class photo

2012-13 Senior Capstone Event Album

2012-13 album
  • Morning Session: ECE/ CS 189 & ECE 188
  • Lunch Session: Project Posters and Pizza
  • Afternoon Session: ECE 189 & CS189

Poster Session & Pizza Lunch (ESB Courtyard)

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A special thanks to Citrix Online for their generous support of the pizza lunch.

2013 CS 189A/B Team Partners

cs 189 student with Prof. Krintz at the poster session
  • Prograham Cracker: Partner - Pow Wow Energy / Mentor - Olivier Jerphagnon
  • The Constructors: Partner - Ring Revenue / Mentor - Colin Kelly
  • Undefined_reference_to_teamName: Partner - Workday / Mentors - Joe Korngiebel and Leighanne Levensaler
  • Team BRX: Partner - The Aerospace Corporation / Mentors - Nehal Desai and Setso Metodi (and Ron Scrofano)
  • Hex Pistols: Partner - Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) / Mentor - Khawaja Shams
  • Null Terminators: Partner - VMWare / Mentors - Ajay Gulati and Banit Agrawal
  • Foo-Tang Clan: Partner - Appfolio / Mentor - Andrew Mutz
  • NIBBLE: Partner - Novacoast / Mentors - David Parker and Renato Untalan
  • Team Epsilon: Partner - Qualcomm / Mentors- Chad Sweet and Prince Gupta

2013 ECE 189A/B Project Sponsors

CE student working on project
  • Mentor Graphics: Computer Aided Design tools and libraries
  • NXP: microcontrollers and Industrial Reference Design platforms
  • Sunstone Circuits: printed circuit board fabrication discounts