2015 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Students participate in a poster session and conduct presentations of their final group projects from the CS 189A/B, ECE 189A/B, and ECE 188A/B courses.

2014-2015 Projects

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Kyle Jorgensen

Project Overviews:

  • Mapfolio: mobile app that maps indoor spaces
    : Kazbek Seilkahanov (lead), Sidney Rhoads, Crystal Cheung, Tom Craig, Michael Qiu
  • Mercury Squad: gather data, find meaningful correlations and potential causality, and visualize it in readable graphics
    : Sean Spearman (lead), Aimee Galang, Cody Brown, Ray Smets, Tim Shen
  • Moose Blazers: showcase low power, high performance characteristics of using GPGPU acceleration compared to a serial processing CPU in computer vision applications
    : Jordan Pringle (lead), Melissa Anewalt, Scott Walstead, Peter Gaede
  • NovaToast: a home detection system using a Lepton camera and thermal images
    : William Chen (lead), Brian Wan, Jacob Anderson, Jonathan Simozar, Christopher Kim
  • Savvy-gnon: an application that enables farmers to monitor their crops using near-infrared imaging
    : Rick Waltman (lead), Iris Moridis, Ariel Xin, Amy Chen, Chien Wang 
  • Struct By Lightning: smart assistant integrated with video-conferencing that observes the stream and provides real-time assistance and info
    : Trevor Frese (lead), Evan Crook, Britt Christy, Kevin Malta
  • Team Enigma: a mobile application for customers to find and match a range of products
    : Blake Husserl (lead), Rafal Wojciak, Jose Vasquez, Metehan Ozten, Ahmad Bayonis
  • Team Voice++: personal assistant for mobile devices that listens for voice commands and lets users to perform usually difficult tasks during a phone call
    : Petros Khachatrian (lead), Chris Atanasian, Julio Garcia, Belsin Barkhosir, Sheng Zheng
  • The Sixth Sensor: a multi-wavelength camera that allows users to capture image stacks, review images, and store files on a cloud-system 
    : Jocelyn Ramirez (lead), Jonnathan Terry, Javier Hernandez, Chris Inderwiesche, Yu-Cheol Shin
  • Treadsetters: connect a bike to the Internet of Things
    : Saili Raje (lead), Duncan Sommer, Oliver Townsend, Joel Dick, George Karcher

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B

Instructor: John Johnson (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: Wei Dai

ECE 189 Teams / Projects webpage: project descriptions, course spotlight, guidelines and ground rules, project milestones (Fall/Spring), design reviews, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) development, and more

Project Overviews:

  • InfiniTable: an interactive, multifunctional table made up of individual tiles that users can connect in any configuration
    : William Miller, Sarah Pilkington, Charles Crain, Isaac Flores, Brian Phan
  • Open Sesame: a portable door security accessory that can unlock doors remotely w/ WiFi via an android or iOS app
    : Eric Taba, Grant Apodaca, Jeffrey Bolin, Richie Agpaoa, Evin Sellin

2015 Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Thu, June 4 - Engineering Sci. Bldg (ESB 1001 and Courtyard)

Congratulations to the 189 Best Projects at Capstone!

  • Best Computer Engineering — ECE189A/B Capstone Project: Open Sesame (poster | presentation)
  • Best Computer Engineering — CS189 A/B Capstone Project: Struct by Lightning (poster | presentation)

2014-15 Senior Capstone Event Album

2014-15 album
  • ECE 188 & ECE / CS 189 Presentations
  • Poster Session & Award Presentations
  • Team and CE Senior Class Photos

Poster Session & Pizza Lunch (ESB Courtyard)

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A special thanks to Citrix for their generous support of the pizza lunch.

2015 CS 189A/B — Team Partners

student in front of poster 
  • MapFolio: Partner - Appfollo / Mentor - Andrew Mutz
  • Mercury Squad: Partner - HG Data / Mentors - Victor Moreira and Brian Dawson
  • Moose Blazers: Partner - Aerospace / Mentor - Ron Scrofano
  • NovaToast: Partner - Novacoast / Mentor - Renato Untalan
  • Savvy-gnon: Partner - VineRangers / Mentor - David Baeza
  • Struct By Lightning: Partner - Citrix / Mentors - Allan Knight and Ashish Thapliyal
  • Team Enigma: Partner - Raytheon / Mentors - Neil Dayal and Lane Meier 
  • Team Voice++: Partner - Invoca / Mentor - Colin Kelly
  • The Sixth Sensor: Partner - FLIR / Mentors - Marcel Tremblay and Jeff Frank
  • TreadSetters: Partner - Qualcomm / Mentor - David Howard

2015 ECE 189A/B — Project Sponsors

student presenting poster