2016 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day

Students participate in a poster session and conduct presentations of their final group projects from the CS 189A/B, ECE 189A/B, and ECE 188A/B courses.

2015-2016 Projects

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B

Instructor: John Johnson (ECE 189A/B)
Teaching Assistant: William Miller

ECE 189 Teams / Projects webpage

Project Overviews:

  • * BULB by Sonos: a light bulb speaker that is connected to WiFi for audio control and Bluetooth for lighting control
    Team: Nico Soberanes, Zaira Tomayeva, Jose Maun, Randy Picchini, Eric Jin
  • OstraCam: a mobile underwater monitoring system to facilitate the study of bioluminescent plankton
    Team: Bobby Heyer, Caio Motta, Eddie Franco, Jovan Hernandez, Molly Smith
  • ChessMate: an interactive, LED illuminated chess board that enhances player experience with various digital board augmentations
    Team: Jeremiah Schultz, Philip Lo, Jason Dahn, Alex Babicz
  • D.A.T.A. (Dynamic Automated Tuning Air) Suspension System: designed to automatically facilitate smooth riding and prevent damage to the vehicle body
    Team: Jonathan Rodriguez, Evan Hsiao, George Pina, Elton Wu
  • dVA: a software tool for analyzing and visualizing test data taken from semiconductor processes
    Team: Sam Dowell, Blake Hall, Christopher Hindman
  • Heart Buddy: a portable armband that provides help before or as soon as an accident occurs via sensors such as heart beat, body orientation, and acceleration
    Team: Jairo Hernandez, Jose Reyes, Andrew Pagan, Andrew Villagomez
  • * UCSB Hyperloop Drive: a communications, telemetry, and control unit for UCSB’s entry into SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition
    Team: Celeste Bean, Connor Buckland, Benjamin Hartl, Cam McCarthy, Connor Mulcahey
  • Soil Smart: a wireless sensor network that monitors and records soil conditions
    Team: Jacob Adams, James Cornell, Jesus Vega, Peter Marcelo, Ricardo Morones

* Team includes Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering students

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Tim Sherwood (CMPSC 189B)
Teaching Assistant: Daniel Imberman (A) & Jordan Hughes (B)

CS 189 Overview / Teams & Projects webpage

  • GIGS: Mezzo is a social hub for local musicians to meet and collaborate
    Team: Sagar Saija (Lead), Vincent Chang(scribe), Sahil Bissessur, Prithvi Sathiya, Mason Levy 
  • CITRIXNCHILL: WeCode is designed to connect nontraditional with traditional students for studying
    Team: David Acevedo (Lead), Jessica Huang (Scribe), Felicia Truong, Weimin Ouyang, Zhansaya Abdikarimova 
  • GRAPHIQ CONTENT: a web-app that integrates with Virtual Technology to allow easy interactive visualization of data sets and relations
    Team: Vincent Duong (Lead), Kevin Mai (Scribe), Vincent Tan, Xinglun Xu, Jiapei Charles Yao, Navdeep Sandhu 
  • MACROHARD: The Perfect Selfie is an integration of a drone, a video recording device and a smartphone app that is capable of recognizing voice commands instructing a drone to orient a video recording device with respect to a subject
    Team: Simranjit Singh Sekhon(lead), Mary Anne Noskowski(scribe), Bragatheesh Sureshkumar, Shreesha Suresha, Beau Rampey 
  • HOPEFULLY UNHACKABLE: a media sharing web application that will hopefully be unhackable
    Team: Derek Phan (lead), Jonathan Gau(scribe), Kelvin Yang, Leonard Ma, Jonathan Pesso
  • J VANT: ResQ Sensor is a motion / heat detection sensor system that detects heat, follows it and when it becomes an undesirable temperature, turns on a sprinkler that sprays water directly to the specfied heat source
    Team: Vivian Escalante(lead), Noura Kiroloss(scribe), Alexis Jimenez, Ted Wang, Jim Zhu 
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION: vMemo is an Android app deployed on the Google Project Tango tablet that manages construction site supervision - providing location tracking and graphical augmentation over on-site structures
    Team: Michael Radbel (lead), Matthew Ruth (scribe), Maneesh Karipineni, Ilyne Han, Yun Suk Chang
  •  SNIFFIT: an RFID positioning system to detect (passive) RFID stickers to ensure location of items w/ a sticker
    Team: Nader Khalil (lead), Braulio Fonseca (scribe), Andrew Pang, Sohan Shah, Victor Porter, Enrique Gutierrez 
  • TEAM EUPHORIA: an app that allows people in group environments to share music from different music streaming services and cooperatively build playlists
    Team: Pedro Sosa (Lead), Mena Iskander (Scribe), Connor Shanks, Miguel Delgado, Bryan David Wolfe 

ECE 189 Capstone 2016 Project Presentation Day

Capstone was held on June 2, 2016

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CS 189 Capstone 2016 presentations @ summit.cs

summit.cs was held on March 4, 2016 citrixnchill poster

  • Best Project: CitrixNChill – WeCode is designed to connect nontraditional with traditional students for studying
  • 2nd: Under Construction
  • 3rd: Euphoria

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2016 CS 189A/B — Team Partners

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