2019 Capstone Projects

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project Presentations

Students conduct presentations and participate in a poster session for their final group projects from the CS 189A/B & ECE 189A/B/C.

2018-2019 Projects

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B/C

Instructor: Dr. Yogananda Isukapalli (ECE 189A/B/C)
TAs: Brandon Pon and Carrie Segal

ECE 189 website / Teams & Projects webpage

  • BLiPS (Arthrex): a real time indoor positioning system that tracks the movement of doctors and nurses in an operating room environment. Team: Matt Speck, Ahmed Saied, Amber Du, Kevin La
  • Cloud Control (AeroVironment): a wireless communication system which remotely transmits voice data to a drone which then broadcasts it to any targets below. Team: Andrew Thompson, Anna Lee, Brent Morada, Reed Taylor
  • Drone Scout (LGS Innovations): a self-contained, FPGA accelerated millimeter wave radar system capable of collecting detailed information of drones, such as size and speed, in a targeted area. Team: Austin Hwang, Anthony Chen, Maga Kim, Sung In Kim
  • Eternal Flight (Toyon Research Corp.): an in-flight battery exchange system that extends drones flight time by eliminating the need to land and recharge. Team: Aditya Wadaskar, Kyle Douglas, Richard Boone, Sang Min Oh, Sayali Kakade
  • Hands-On Flight  (Arveng Technologies): a glove embedded with an array of sensors that provides intuitive real-time control over a drone. Team: Oscar Wang, Alex Berlanga, Eduardo Olmos, Juan Reyes, Miguel Berlanga
  • IEA Linguistics (IEA Lab): an interactive voice assistant that incorporates natural language processing and automation to assist integrated circuit product engineers. Team: Ryan Kirkpatrick, Dali Xiao, Dang Nguyen, Min Yang
  • Watchdog (NASA): aids astronauts in correctly adhering to mission procedures by utilizing computer vision and sensor embedded tools to provide guidance when necessary. Team: Ryan Lorica, Anzhe Ye, Jiacheng Liu, Jingzhe Chen, Liqiang Mei

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Chandra Krintz (CMPSC 189A) and Christopher Kruegel (CMPSC 189B)
TA: Nazmus Saquib and Steve Bako

CS 189 website / Teams & Projects webpage

  • //TODO: Team Name (Aerospace): Facial recognition and analysis that informs a user whether or not they are tired. Team: Danielle Robinson, Victoria Sneddon, Brandon Tran, Andrew Polk, David Sun
  • '); Drop Table Teams (Appfolio): Augmented reality iOS application to virtually place home furnishings with the ability to view and edit in real time. Team:  Cole Margerum, Michael Amalfitano, Isaac Zinman, Jake Guida, Artem Jivotovski
  • High Voltage Society (Arthrex): Provides surgeons with real-time instrument inferences and overall procedure metrics.Team: Brian Humphreys, David Roster, Andrew Mark Laux, Siddharth Malik, Ram Malyala
  • Odyssey (CJ Affiliate): Intelligent offer categorizer for text and image processing. Team: Delin Sun, Xiao Sun, Danny Millstein, Winfred Huang, Haochen Shi
  • InTouch With My Health (InTouch Health): Provides physicians real time patient data from apple watch health kit. Team: Calvin Wang, Vicki Chen, David Halman, Henry Jeng, Matthew Mitchell
  • WaitForMe (Invoca): Saves people time by waiting on hold for them. Team: Nery Lara, Yuhao Zhang, Angel Castro, Sitao Chen, Jacky Zheng
  • Pretty Lil LeetCoders (Logmein): analyze user's form when performing an exercise and suggests ways that it can be improved or if it is good. Team: Sung(Sam) Kim, Nikhil Patil, Etgar(Eric) Freilafert, Aryaman(Arvan) Das, Yuyang(Ethan) Su
  • Human Error is a Myth (Novacoast): Query based data aggregating, web application for computer security pen testing. Team: Graham Foster, Fernando Mendoza, Diego Segundo, Blake Johnson, Quintin Hill, Omer Cohen
  • The Goodfellas (Pivotal): A Web UI that helps users schedule and run containers on Kubernetes clusters. Team: Jesmar Castillo, Marco Chavez, Kindy Tan, Jack Liu, Durva Kapadne
  • Yao and "Friends" (Workday): BARC 2 aims to make the user experience of managing school finances intuitive. Team: Yuan Yao, Chandler Forrest, Jake Bliss, Vamsi Kalidindi, Alex Ngo

ECE 189 Capstone 2019 Presentation Event & Engineering Design Expo (EDx)

Will be held on June 7 (Fri) – ESB 1001 and Campbell Hall

2019 ECE189ABC — Projects & General Supporters

photo of wall-e team
  • Laritech
  • Vast Circuits
  • Sunstone Circuits

CS 189 Capstone 2019 Presentations @ summit.cs

The event was held on March 13 (Wed), 2019 – Corwin Pavilion

2019 Best Projects – CS 189 Capstone

team logo
  • 1st place: '); Drop Table Teams (Appfolio)
  • 2nd place: High Voltage Society (Arthrex)
  • 3rd place: Pretty Lil LeetCoders (Logmein)

Projects presented in March 2019 @ the Summit.cs Event >>>

2019 CS 189A/B — Team Partners

photo of waitforme team
  • //TODO: Team Name- Aerospace
  • '); Drop Table Teams - Appfolio
  • High Voltage Society - Arthrex
  • Odyssey - CJ Affiliate
  • InTouch With My Health - InTouch Health
  • WaitForMe - Invoca
  • Pretty Lil LeetCoders - Logmein
  • Human Error is a Myth - Novacoast
  • The Goodfellas - Pivotal
  • Yao and "Friends" - Workday