Y. Song: COE Outstanding CE Senior

Every spring, the College of Engineering recognizes the graduating seniors who have the highest cumulative grade point average (GPA) from each degree program – this year’s Outstanding Senior in Computer Engineering is Yufei Song

photo of yufei song

Excerpt from the College of Engineering News

Yufei Song grew up in Shanghai, China, graduating from Shanghai Datong High School. Months after starting classes as a computer engineering major at UCSB, he and thousands of other students across the nation were forced to transition to remote learning during the pandemic. Through it all, he emerged a stronger and more confident student.

“The transition to online classes made it hard to connect with professors and peers, but it also showcased the transformative power of technology in education, making me more confident in pursuing a computer engineering degree,” said Song, who is graduating with highest honors. “The experience taught me valuable lessons in time management, self-discipline, and problem solving. It prepared me to face future challenges with confidence and underscored the importance of community support, even when virtual.” 

Song carries a 4.0 cumulative grade point average into the end of spring quarter. For his academic success, he has been named the Outstanding Senior for Computer Engineering, an honor given to the graduating senior with the highest GPA in the degree program. Song will also lead the procession of graduating seniors into the ceremony. He will enter the electrical and computer engineering master’s program next fall at UC Los Angeles. Song feels confident that the education he received at UCSB has prepared him for a successful career in computer engineering, citing the knowledge and skills that he gained in software and hardware, computer theory, machine learning, programming, and embedded systems. 

He thanked teaching professor Yogananda Isukapalli for his invaluable support and advice, as well as electrical and computer engineering professor Peng Li.  

“As a member of his research lab, I had the privilege of working with Professor Li, and his dedication to his research group was evident through his meticulous editing of our research papers, when he invested significant time and effort to ensure their quality and clarity,” he said.