Graduate student researchers from Prof. Camsari's lab.
Photo: Jeff Liang, UCSB
Courtesy: Camsari Group

Program Overview

Computer Engineering research at UCSB is multi-disciplinary and involves faculty from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and other departments. Although students choose a home department from which to receive their degree, CE research often crosses departmental boundaries.

We are often asked about research that is being done in the field of computer engineering at UCSB. Areas of research include but are not limited to the following: Bioinspired Computing; Circuit and System Design; Computer Architecture; Computer Security; Electronic Design Automation and Testing; Emerging Technologies for Computing; Energy-efficient Computing; Nanotechnology;  and Operating and Distributed Systems and Software Engineering

Additionally, faculty are also involved in research at many on and off-campus centers and institutions such as the on-campus California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) and the Institute of Energy Efficiency (IEE).

Degree Programs

The Computer Engineering Program has several different options for advanced degrees:

  • A combined BS/MS with the BS in Computer Engineering and the MS is offered in either Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering. This degree is only available to currently enrolled undergrad CE and EE students. More information about BS/MS degree can be found on the BS/MS in ECE and BS/MS in CS web pages.

  • The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers MS and PhD degrees are offered in the area of Computer Engineering. Major areas of research include computer systems architecture, integrated systems and electronic design automation, nano-electronic device and system architecture, machine learning and applications, bio-inspired signal processing and architecture, and data-driven system design. Many ECE faculty are CE faculty members or have strong affiliations with the Computer Engineering Program.

  • The Computer Science Department offers MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science in which students can focus their coursework and research on CE-related areas and application domains.  CS offers courses in advanced topics in areas including operating systems, distributed and programming systems, networking, computer security, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning.  Research areas include computer architecture, the Internet-of-Things, energy-efficient computing, machine learning and NLP, and distributed systems, among others. Many CS faculty are CE faculty members or have strong affiliations with the Computer Engineering Program.

MS and/or PhD Programs

Course Offerings

The ECE and CS departments have a wide-variety of course offerings that include interdisciplinary coursework. More course info can be found at:

Graduate Program Resources

The CS and ECE departments have resource pages with more specific info about graduate degrees in their programs: