CE Capstone Projects 2023

From The ECE Current newsletter article "CE Capstone Projects 2023"

Last year, Computer Engineering (CE) students successfully completed their capstone projects that creatively combined technologies across different disciplines to solve real-world problems effectively. 

  • Team Data Driven developed an OBD2 plugcompatible device that allows companies to easily manage their system's diagnostic data from a fleet of cars, all on a simple and intuitive web interface.
  • Team Dragonfly unified multiple status sensors into a single compact USB device that consolidates the data from all the sensors into a single packet for easy, effective state estimation of drones and UAVs.
  • Team P.I.G.S. created a personal drone monitoring system that allows users to dispatch drones to collect information and spot potential risks using a high-level phone interface.
  • Team HandLED built a 3D matrix of LEDs with a companion app and gesture recognition glove that allows users to more intuitively visualize 3D graphs and models in an actual 3D environment.
  • Team Small.e fabricated a deep water, long-period video monitoring, and DNA sample collection system that allows scientists to monitor the evolutionary history of Ostracods.
  • Team Defect Detect developed a low-cost, high-accuracy deep neural network-based defective object detection and removal system to replace outdated lower-accuracy systems currently in place in many factories.
  • Team Viewpointe processed data from two cameras in FPGA hardware to create lowlatency real-time 3D images that eye surgeons can use to better visualize patients' eyes during operations.

All participating students presented their projects at the 2023 UCSB at the Computer Engineering (ECE 189) Capstone Project Event, during which a panel of industry and faculty judges selected the top projects to receive the following Best Project awards:

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