2022 Capstone Presentations – ECE 189 Sr. Projects

The Capstone Project presentations held on June 2, 2022 gives ECE students the opportunity to put their education into practice by working in small teams designing, building, and presenting an engineering design project

The design challenges, of which each team selects one to tackle, are proposed and supported by UCSB faculty research groups or by industry sponsors. Projects typically involve the design and implementation of both hardware and software systems. The projects span a variety of topics in the fields of electrical & computer engineering and computer engineering.

Every year at the end of the Spring quarter, the final projects are displayed at an event with each student group participating in a project presentation and a poster session. A panel of experts from academia and industry judges each of the teams and selects award winners.


photo of team scrapsort

Computer Engineering (ECE 189ABC) Awards

Presentation Event Replay


CE Awards – Projects and Sponsors

  • 1st place: Scrapsort (Analog Devices & IFT) – a mechatronic system designed to sort recyclables at the edge. It aims to provide an efficient and inexpensive solution to the growing problem of waste

  • 2nd place: AeRobot (AeroVironment & IFT) – a system designed to navigate and map a foreign area under high-interference or wireless obstructing area

  • 3rd place: CUDA (Aptitude) – a medical diagnostic device capable of detecting a life threatening condition called coagulopathy that occurs commonly in physical trauma patients

Faculty Choice Award – ADA (CACI International): Acoustic Detection Array aims to detect and locate the source of large sonic impulses often indicative of poaching in the wild, blast fishing, and other loud sounds

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