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Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE 189)
Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

Recording of the 2022 Project Presentations

An event held by the ECE Department to showcase Computer Engineering (CE) student teams and their “Capstone” senior year design projects


Check out the Posters & Projects & Pizza session @ 11:45 am to 1:00 pm in the ESB Courtyard!!

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8:30 to 11:45 am – Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001

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8:50 – modern vehicles today are beginning to implement smartphone control as an alternative to car keys


Team: Nazar Rybii, Charanpreet Singh, Matthew Aragaw, Noah De Los Santos

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Spot On

9:10 – an implementation of an intelligent parking sensor system powered by image recognition

SponsorAnalog Devices

Team: Ian Wu, Haoming Chen, Jiachen Zhang, Kyle Wong, Isaac-Neil Zanoria

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9:30 – an integrated stereo camera and video output processing system meant to reduce the cost of existing real time 3D video processing systems


Team: Rami Dabit, Brian Lee, Matt Wong, Sanil Baweja, Thomas Stubbs

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9:50 – the Geographic Environment Module (GEM) is able to monitor surrounding conditions of agricultural lands through the use of multiple sensor nodes


Team: Michael Sanchez, Alejandro Diera, Larry Mai, Sawyer Essabhoy, Yuen Pang

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CUDA (3rd Place Award)

10:10 – a medical diagnostic device capable of detecting a life threatening condition called coagulopathy that occurs commonly in physical trauma patients


Team: Noah Corona, Alex Lai, Jimmy Kraemer, Moises Gutierrez, Srikar Arani

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AeRobot (2nd Place Award)

10:30 – a system designed to navigate and map a foreign area under high-interference or wireless obstructing area

SponsorAeroVironment / IFT

Team: Eric Buckland, Angela Chen, Kim Dang, Tom Zu

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10:50 – Acoustic Detection Array (ADA) aims to detect and locate the source of large sonic impulses often indicative of poaching in the wild, blast fishing, and other loud sounds

Sponsor: CACI International

Team: Matt Hahn, Aidan Murphy, Kevin Yuen, Rafael Cruz, Venkat Krishnan

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Scrap Sort (1st Place Award)

11:10 – mechatronic system designed to sort recyclables at the edge. It aims to provide an efficient and inexpensive solution to the growing problem of waste

SponsorAnalog Devices / IFT

Team: Geffen Cooper, Bethany Long, Kat Copeland, Tyler Ekaireb, Vincent Benenati


11:45 am to 1:00 pm – Posters & Projects & Pizza in the ESB Courtyard

Student teams from Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering will be displaying posters and presenting final prototypes of their full year senior design projects. Attendees are all invited to explore the various projects, speak to the students, and enjoy some complimentary refreshments.

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