photo of external flight group in the lab
Photo: Tony Mastres, UCSB
Courtesy: ECE 189 Sr. Projects

Electrical & Computer Engineering 189 Projects

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Recording of the 2020 Virtual Project Presentations



9:00 – Opening Remarks: Dr. Yoga Isukapalli

Blue Dentist Logo


9:00 – monitors and records local Bluetooth activity using software defined radios and GPU processing

Sponsor: CACI/LGS Labs

Team: Jeff Longo, Chris Chan, Griffin Danninger, Zach Battles

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9:20 – a hand-held and temperature-controlled blood sensor that aims to quickly detect coagulopathy in a pre-hospital environment

Sponsor: Aptitude

Team: Trenton Rochelle, Justin Hemphill, Ziming Qi

Bermuda Logo


9:40 – aims to mitigate the problem of GPS jamming and leverages cell-tower signal information to provide an alternative location tracking system

Sponsor: Aerovironment

Team: Crystal Eskander, Lillian Liu, Jerry Liu, and Lekha Adari

VisHawk Logo


10:00 – RF-silent autonomous flight of multirotor UAVs between ships underway at sea by using computer vision to guide final approach

Sponsor: Navsea

Team: Matthew Dupree, Xihan Liu, Yingchao Zhu

Guardian Logo


10:20 – Aims to mitigate Elephant-Human Conflict using an autonomous drone system to herd elephants away from human living areas

Sponsor: Qualcomm

Team: Weiyun Jiang, Alexis Yang, Jiajun Wan, Ning Du

Sea Star Logo

Sea Star

10:40 – An instrument that explores cypridinid ostracods’ behavior and classifies different species by analyzing bioluminescence displays

Sponsor: Oakley Lab

Team: Yini Wang, Ran Mo

IntelliSight Logo


11:00 – Aims to quickly relay location information to the user with a simple motion of the head

Sponsor: Qualcomm

Team: Xinyuan Zhang, Jair Carranza, Vanessa Mejia

True Posture Logo

True Posture

11:20 – Uses electromyography sensors to analyze an ophthalmologist’s posture when using a 3D microscope visualization systems

Sponsor: Alcon TrueVision

Team: Jiyu Zhou, Dom Jiang

SafeVision Logo


11:40 – An object detection system which prevents a robotic arm from colliding into people or other machines during and after surgery

Sponsor: Alcon TrueVision

Team: Rick Franc, Nathan Bornfreund, Steven Landis, Willy Tu

Scopen Logo


12:00 – A handheld, wireless oscilloscope that aims to be a convenient and affordable, yet powerful tool for engineering students and hobbyists

Sponsor: Laritech

Team: Byron Aguilar, Boning Dong, Cesar Gonzalez

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