Prospective Students

Why CE?

  • Area of study at the boundary of both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
  • Fast growing sector of world economy depends on Computer Engineering
  • CE provides insight in understanding existing technology
  • Relatively young field with endless opportunities for creativity
  • Many specialty areas with fascinating project opportunities
  • Provides a solid foundation with leading to careers in many fields
  • Job opportunities with computer hardware and software companies


  • Established 20-year-old program at one of the best engineering colleges
  • Joint program between two excellent accredited departments
  • Each student directly advised by a CE faculty member
  • First rate courses in EE and CS with the right balance of theory and practice
  • Program with all of the latest up-to-date content
  • Specialized senior elective sequences
  • All students participate in senior year group projects
  • Strong program leading to graduate study w/ a combined BS/MS program

Top 5 Questions

How do I apply to the UCSB Computer Engineering Program?

Visit the University of California Admissions website for information about:  Requirements, How to Apply, Tuition & Financial Aid, Application

Visit UCSB Admissions for information about Applying, Virtual Events, Exploring UCSB and Resources

How much does it cost per academic year at UCSB (Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters)?

The UCSB Financial Aid Office has an online cost of attendance form that calculates costs for the academic year. The Cost of Attendance webpage includes residency (CA resident / non-resident) and housing (commuter, off-campus and university) options.

Does UCSB, the College of Engineering and CE have campus tours?

The University holds Transfer, Fall, Spring and April Open Houses

For additional information about visiting UCSB go to the Virtual Campus Visits page for information about:

  • COVID-19 Information
  • Live Chat with UCSB Tour Guides
  • Guided Virtual Tours
  • Live Student Panels

The College of Engineering (COE) has a Virtual Open House page and offers Virtual Academic Advising meetings 

CE offers student advising with the ECE Undergraduate Advisor by appointment only

Does CE have any recommendations for preparation from high school to college

Check out the Preparation from High School to College section for recommendations in any Undergraduate Student Spotlight for questions like:

  • What prepared you the most for studying engineering in college?
  • Are there any classes that you suggest ECE students take before entering UCSB?
  • Any additional experiences that you would like to share with students to help them prepare for college?
Who do I contact for Transfer Preparation Information?

The COE Undergraduate Studies Office handles all Transfer Preparation inquiries. Please carefully review all of the details.

More Questions

What's the current job outlook for Computer Engineers?

Review "PayScale College Salary Report - Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees by Salary Potential".

For additional information, the College of Engineering has an excellent Career Services web page that helps undergraduates and graduate students locate jobs and internships.

Why is the Computer Engineering Program called a "Program"?

The Computer Engineering Program acts, in many respects, like a separate department but it is not totally independent. The Computer Engineering curriculum is jointly administered by the Computer Science Department and the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, thus making it a program rather than a separate department. Computer Engineering students receive a comprehensive program of study - 50% of instruction is from Computer Science and 50% of instruction is from Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The UCSB Computer Engineering B.S. program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

What percent of CE Program students become involved in hands-on computer systems design work?

100% - all Computer Engineering students are required to complete a Senior "Capstone" design project as part of their senior elective plan.

Should I take any computer programming classes to prepare for the CE Program curriculum?

If you have never had a computer programming class, the Computer Science Department offers an optional course CMPSC 8, which will prepare you for the introductory programming sequence in CE.

Are there internship and job opportunities available for CE students?

Santa Barbara and the Goleta area are known as being a part of the technology corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Many technology companies are located in our area and contact us seeking students who are interested in participating in internship and employment opportunities. The ECE Student Office regularly sends out email notifications to students about these opportunities.

Students are also advised to initiate direct contact with companies and to discuss internship and employment interests with faculty members since many have their own research labs and also have contact with local industry.

UCSB Career Services has an official website for jobs, internships, and campus interviews called Handshake. In addition, Handshake serves as a gateway to subscription services that are free for UCSB students. Also, check out the College of Engineering's Internships and Careers web page that has information about careers, internships (research and industry) and networking opportunities.

Career Events occur throughout the year and are a great opportunity to see which companies are looking for interns. This is also an excellent chance to network for employment after graduation.

How can I learn about research opportunities?

The College of Engineering's Undergraduate Research Opportunities web page has information such as How & When to Get Started, Research Programs and more.

Also, consult directly with CE faculty members who a have similar interests so they can steer you in the right direction. Both faculty research interests and research areas are available on the CE Program website under Areas of Research.

Can I participate in the University of California's Education Abroad Program (EAP)?

Yes - the UCSB Office of the Education Abroad Program is dedicated to making the experience of such study available to as many qualified UCSB students as possible. EAP allows students to continue to progress toward their degrees while living and studying in some of the best academic institutions around the world.

For more information about EAP, contact the College of Engineering liaison, Frances Fouch -

Can I participate in the UCSB Technology Management Program?

Yes - students can participate in UCSB Technology Management Program (TMP).

The Technology Management Program's educational programs include classes in management, entrepreneurship, new product development, marketing, and much more taught by world-class scholars, highly successful business lecturers and entrepreneurs.

TMP's New Venture Program has launched ventures including several EE and CE senior year projects.

What is the advantage of the combined Bachelor of Science / Master of Science degree program?

CE students may obtain both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in either ECE or in CS by taking applicable courses in the last half of their senior year. Students interested in the BS/MS Program may apply in the Spring quarter of their junior year after they have taken their junior level courses. For the BS/MS program in ECE, see the ECE Student Office for more information. Check with the CS Student Office for the BS/MS program in CS deadline and requirements. Applicants should have a competitive GPA and faculty recommendations.

Question Not Here?

Contact the CE Undergraduate Advisor
Phone: tel: (805) 893-8292

Virtual Open Houses (Spring)

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