ECE & CS 189 Senior Capstone Projects

During the senior year, CE students are required to take the Senior Computer Systems Project courses also known as the Senior "Capstone" Project. This course helps satisfy CE Major Degree Requirements in the Senior Elective Study Plan.

The Capstone Project gives CE students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design and engineer innovative hardware and software systems using techniques from robotics, distributed systems, circuit design, networking, and real-time systems to tackle problems and create a final "tangible" project.

Every year at the end of the final quarter the projects are presented at full-day, industry-supported events where student groups publicly present their projects and participate in a project demonstration and poster event.

June 4, 2021 (Fri) – ECE 189 Capstone Event | March 12, 2021 (Fri) – CS 189 @ summit.cs
Instructor's course website with overview, current & past projects, teams and sponsors
Instructor's course website with overview, milestones, resources, current & past projects, teams and sponsors

Senior Project Courses

Student groups design a significant computer-based project. Groups work independently with interaction among groups via interface specifications and informal meetings.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 189A/B/C

Instructor: Dr. Yogananda Isukapalli (ECE 189A/B/C)

ECE 189A/B/C is a year-long capstone project course sequence in which Computer Engineering (CE) senior students design and implement an embedded computer system. Working in small groups of four to six, the teams draw on the strengths of each member, and projects are intended to be the culmination of the students' undergraduate education, incorporating both significant hardware and software components and, in some cases, mechanical components as well. CE Capstone Projects offer students real-world experience in the lifespan of developing an embedded system: identifying a problem, designing to required specifications, managing budgets and printed circuit board fabrication, and delivering their finished product on time.

CE capstone projects fall into several categories: (i) Student defined projects, in which students come up with the design idea on their own; (ii) Industry sponsored projects, in which an industry partner specifies a design challenge of interest to their organization; (iii) Research group projects, in which a research group at UCSB poses a design challenge; (iv) Student project competitions, in which students enter as contestants in an organized competition.

ECE 189 senior projects will be showcased on the first Friday in June at the ECE 189 Capstone Project Presentation event and the Engineering Design Expo (EDx) poster session.

Computer Science 189A/B

Instructors: Profs. Jianwen Su (CMPSC 189A) and Chandra Krintz (189B)

Throughout this two course sequence, student teams engage in all aspects of a engineering problem including design, prototype, testing, deployment, and public demonstration. The course is based on a learn-by-doing approach in which teams employ cutting-edge software technologies, tools, and engineering practices to construct significant software applications and systems.

Unique to the UCSB CS Capstone is industry collaboration.Top companies from around the country partner with and mentor student teams.Industrial participants propose project ideas (that range from well-defined to wide open) from which student teams choose, as part of short, competitive “pitches”. The CS 189 senior project series culminates in a public project presentation and demonstration by each team at Summit CS in March.

ECE 189 Capstone 2021 Presentation Event

The virtual event was held on June 4 (Fri), 2021

 Event Video

Congratulations to the ECE 189 Best Project winners:

  • 1st Place – Pterra (Aerovironment): a RADAR based system that enables collision avoidance and autonomous movement of drones
  • 2nd Place – Parkingbase (Qualcomm, Laritech): a real-time parking tracker using a custom low-cost, wireless parking lot sensor
  • 3rd Place – TRAC (Aptitude, Laritech): a handheld device that uses a blood test for rapid detection of coagulopathy
  • Faculty Choice – Project Argus (NASA): an autonomous tracking solution for maintenance and assembly procedures
ECE 189 Projects & Sponsors (2020-21)
  • Anchorless (Coast Lab): aims to remove the buoy’s reliance on an anchor by designing a system that autonomously repositions the buoy within a designated zone
  • BlueFinder (CACI/LGS Labs): identifies and locates local Bluetooth devices using XTRX software-defined radios and direction finding algorithms
  • CAT (Alcon TrueVision): an object detection system that prevents a robotic arm from collisions in the operating theater
  • Project Argus (NASA): a standardized and autonomous tracking solution for maintenance and assembly procedures
  • Pterra (Aerovironment): a RADAR based system that enables collision avoidance and autonomous movement of drones at an extremely low cost
  • Seashield (Navsea): a drone system that fights rust and corrosion with automated flight planning and application of a corrosion inhibiting liquid
  • Parkingbase (Qualcomm, Laritech): a real-time parking tracker using a custom low-cost, long-lasting, wireless parking lot sensor
  • TRAC (Aptitude, Laritech): a handheld device that uses a blood test for rapid detection of coagulopathy, a deadly condition that affects approximately a quarter of trauma patients

CS 189 Capstone 2021 Presentations @ summit.cs

The virtual event was held on March 12 (Fri), 2021

 Event Video

Congratulations to the CS 189 Best Project winners:

  • 1st Place – ALPRO (Alcon/TrueVision): Robot controller for eye surgery
  • 2nd Place – SALT (Teladoc Health): Automated support for telemedicine consultations
  • 3rd Place – BINARY BROS (Novacoast): Phishing attack prevention
CS 189 Projects & Sponsors (2020-21)
  • O(MG) (Appfolio): Survey distribution and processing for managers to judge their team's cohesion
  • STORKEAI (Invoca): Improve social experience for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • POWWOW++ (AGMonitor): Mobile app to help farms with water efficiency and fertigation issues
  • SALT (Teladoc Health): Identify malpractice in the doctor's office
  • ALPRO (Alcon/TrueVision): NGENUITY 3D Visualization Automation
  • LOG (Well Health): Bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors
  • TRANSFORM (QAD): Build a virtual assistant on top of the QAD ERP platform
  • BINARY BROS (Novacoast): Discover phishing domains to protect users from accessing them
  • RUNTIME TERROR (LogMeIn): Unique communication tool for the Special Olympics
  • #STUB (Teladoc Health): Integrate health devices in telehealth settings