photo of walle group
Photo: Tony Mastres, UCSB
Courtesy: ECE 189 Sr. Projects

Electrical & Computer Engineering 189 Projects

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Recording of the 2021 Virtual Project Presentations



9:00 – Opening Remarks: Dr. Yoga Isukapalli

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09:05 – identifies and locates local Bluetooth devices using XTRX software-defined radios and direction finding algorithms

Sponsor: CACI/LGS Labs

Team: Stefan Crigler, Arthur Lobins, Cynthia Alvarez, Renny Hong, Robert Tremewan

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09:25  – aims to remove the buoy’s reliance on an anchor by designing a system that autonomously repositions the buoy within a designated zone

Sponsor: Coast Lab

Team: Benigno Ortega, Corey Zhou, Ryan Levy, Tahereh Mehrjerdy, Winston Lee

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09:45 – a drone system that fights rust and corrosion with automated flight planning and application of a corrosion inhibiting liquid

Sponsor: Navsea

Team: Chris Scott, Andrew Berry, Andrew Cizas, Derek Cheng, Eric Kim

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TRAC (3rd Place)

10:05 – a handheld device that uses a blood test for rapid detection of coagulopathy, a deadly condition that affects approximately a quarter of trauma patients

Sponsor: AptitudeLaritech 

Team: Corbin Jee, Albert Tran, Brycen Westgarth, David Mleczko, Lucas Relic

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10:25  – an object detection system that prevents a robotic arm from collisions in the operating theater

Sponsor: Alcon TrueVision

Team: Jack Tang, Joe Yu, Kerr Ding, Ming Wen, Zhanglu Wang

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Pterra (1st Place)

10:45 – a RADAR based system that enables collision avoidance and autonomous movement of drones at an extremely low cost

Sponsor: Aerovironment

Team: Peter Feghali, Cher Lin, Jackie Burd, Swetha Pillai, Tiffany Cowan

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Project Argus (Faculty Choice Award)

11:05 – a standardized and autonomous tracking solution for maintenance and assembly procedures

Sponsor: NASA

Team: Naimul Hoque, Abel Semma, Edwin Varela, Oles Bober, Rishit Arora

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Parkingbase (2nd Place)

11:25 – a real-time parking tracker using a custom low-cost, long-lasting, wireless parking lot sensor

Sponsor: QualcommLaritech

Team: Andrew Lu, Finn Linderman, Jun Cho, Luyao Han

sponsor logos (CACI, AeroVironment, Alcon, Aptitude, NASA, Navsea, Qualcomm)